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Columbarium 2nd phaseALL SOULS SECTION
Because of the increasing choice for cremation burials, we have just installed the second phase of our All Souls Columbarium Section. This new columbarium has the same all granite exterior with an extremely strong Polymer base product interior. This design responds well to temperature fluctuation and is very sturdy.  A full granite shutter combined with a special bronze device for the exterior and a private granite door for each niche inside help protect your loved ones from the elements and intruders. The exterior shutter will accommodate room for names and dates. The new structure has 20 single niches (12x12x14 inches) and 84 double niches (12x12x28 inches).  There are still some single and double niches available in the first Columbarium.

This new columbarium along with the existing octagonal columbarium are located at the top of the hill next to St. Clare Section. Father Aleksander Bialas blessed this new columbarium immediately before the first interment service on All Souls Day, November 1, 2016.

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